Office Day Look

Have a meeting to attend this morning? Then nothing says semi-formal chic like a complete outfit from eniGma Shopping.

This striped black and white blazer has “fabulous” written all over it. You can throw it on with this black chiffon blouse, and match them up with either black or white trousers. I recommend white, it’ll look more stylish.

blazer enigma

top enigma

white pants

To colour block, wear this cross clutch. And of course an outfit isn’t complete without accessories, so go ahead and wear this stunning bracelet that’ll suit your look perfectly.

clutch en bracelet en

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Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich


Get an energy boost in the morning by having one of these delicious sandwiches. It’s healthy, filling, and dynamic for a fit life.


2 tablespoons of butter or cooking spray
2 slices of whole-wheat toast
2 tablespoons of peanut butter
1 sliced banana


Heat skillet over medium heat using either 2 tablespoons of butter or cooking spray. While the bread is toasting, mash the ripe banana until it’s smooth enough to paste it onto the bread. After the bread develops a golden brown colour, spread 2 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter, then top it with your mashed banana. Place the sandwich on the hot skillet for around 5-10 seconds, then slice the sandwich in half, and your plate is ready to serve.



Fuller lips in a flash!

There are some sneaky and easy ways to make your lips look fuller without having to torture yourself with injections.

In general, darker shades tend to make the lips look smaller. If you have thin lips, then you should definitely use a light and shiny gloss that will reflect the light and give your lips a fuller look.

Try exfoliating your lips by brushing them with a toothbrush first then applying basic, nude lip balm that causes a temporary plump. After you’ve applied your desired shade, apply a light colored gloss or white eyeliner on the middle of your top and bottom lips.


You can also apply nude or white eye pencil on the M shape on your upper lip. Then use a small amount of light brown eyeliner on your lower lip line. You can then fill in your lips with the colour you want. This trick will create a shadow on your lip and make it look bigger.

There’s also a simpler trick. Apply concealer to your entire lips. Use a lip liner that’s close to your lip colour, and then draw a line slightly above the border of your mouth, and move inward. Smudge the edges and apply lipstick then gloss, and you’re good to go!

photo (97)


Essie Hits Egypt’s Salons

On Sunday, The Lemon Tree & Co, Zamalek hosted the launch of Essie in Egypt. The event included fancy cocktails matching the names of the colours. Now, with one of the world’s finest nail polish brands hitting Egypt, you can complete your fabulous look with a unique variety of colours that have touched the hands of celebrities and royalty. Essie is the trademark of a perfect, long-lasting, and no-chip formula manicure that lightens a girl’s mood with its quirky names. It was founded by Essie Weingarten in Las Vegas in 198, and just one year later, Essie went international.


Essie has launched in over 101 countries worldwide, and now it is available in Egypt as one of the biggest trend-setting Middle Eastern countries. With over 250 shades offered, 100 of them will be sold in top salons and nail spas across the nation. Not only that, but Essie will also be bringing the latest colours to Egypt, because “Essie sells to the best from the best.”


You might wonder what makes Essie stand out as a nail polish company, and the answer is quite simple. Essie is the only manicure brand that has won more than 46 international awards. It is the only brand that has been worn not only by A-list celebrities at the Grammys, Golden Globes, and the Oscars, but also at Kate Middleton’s Royal wedding. Essie has partnered with J.Crew, Rock & Republic, New York Fashion Week, and Alexander Wang. And as Essie says, “You’re never fully dressed without a good manicure.”

Essie connects with women all over the world, and there is no mood or outfit that is beyond the hundreds of their unconventional shades. That’s not even the best part; Essie uses the most advanced formula to guarantee that the nail polish stays shiny, smooth, and chip-free.



On-The-Go Hairdos


Girls tend to face all sorts of panic attacks when they have a bad hair day. Sometimes they have an important meeting or an errand they must attend to in the morning, so they don’t have enough time to wash and fix it up. We’ve all faced situations where we have to go out immediately and our hair looks like Chewbacca’s. Well you don’t need to worry about that anymore because I know just a few innovative tricks that actually require your hair to be dry and in other words, not so clean. These on-the-go hairdos take just 10 minutes to nail.

The Ultimate Boho Braid
Take a small section of your front hair, braid it neatly, and then flip it to the other side. Secure it with bobby pins, and allow the hair on your other temple to cover them. That way, your hair won’t look so greasy. You can also tie up the rest in a bun if you like.



The Big Poof
You can’t deny that the poof is a life saver sometimes, especially to girls with long hair. The procedure is quite effortless. Separate the part you want to make the poof and tie it with a rubber band tightly. Then decide on how you would prefer its size to be. If you want a big poof, secure it far from your forehead. If you want a smaller poof, then make the distance between the streak and your forehead a bit closer. Now, loop your streak down to where you placed the rubber band and secure it with bobby pins. Take off the rubber band and you’re good to go. You also have a choice of either braiding or tying the rest of your hair, if desired.


Sleek Knot
The sleek knot is without a doubt one of the most elegant hairdos. Just center your hair, tie it neatly into a low ponytail, then keep coiling it until you get your desired look. Lock it with bobby pins, and you’re good to go.


Side Bun
This adorable hairdo should only take two minutes of your time. Tie your hair in a low side ponytail, then twist the tail until it forms a bun shape, then pint it. Let random strands fall so it looks natural.


Braided Ponytail
This is the perfect bad hair day camouflage. Start making a fishtail braid, but don’t finish it all the way. Once you’ve done less than half of the braid, tie the rest of your hair in a ponytail. That’s all.


Waterfall Braid
The fishtail and French braids are all too familiar. Girls get bored from the same hair styles every day. They like change, even if it’s just with their braid techniques. That’s why the waterfall braid is the perfect solution. This hairstyle is a bit complicated, but practice makes perfect, right? Take a small part of hair at the top of one side of your head and braid it three times like a French braid. Once you’re done with the right/left side, drop the other strands and place them at the side of your head. Take a new hair strand from the dropped section and make a new sector on the other side, and braid the three sections once more. Continue with this process, but wrap the waterfall braid towards the back of your head. The finishing braid will be a regular one, not a French braid. Then tie the end with a rubber band. And voila!



8 Facial Scrubs Using Home Remedies


We’ve all tried different kinds of facial products and scrubs to enhance the skin remove defects, but somehow, they don’t always go as planned. From my personal experience, I have found that natural scrubs give my face the best results. These 8 homemade facial scrubs will definitely give your face that instant glow you’re looking for. Use them twice a week, and the outcome will stun you.

1. Oatmeal and Cinnamon Scrub
This scrub is suitable for all skin types. It includes a good amount of antioxidants and proteins.

o Put 2 teaspoons of oatmeal, then add 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
o Mix them with 1-2 teaspoons of milk.
o Scrub gently all over the face then rinse off after 15 minutes.

2. Lemon Sugar Scrub
This lemon sugar scrub gets rid of dead skin and cleanses the skin. It’s a also great natural skin lightening product.

o Put 2 teaspoons of sugar, then add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice.
o Mix them well, and apply on the entire face in a circular motion.
o Rinse off after 10 minutes.

3. Green Tea Scrub
This scrub maintains the softness of the skin and helps fight signs of ageing.

o Boil a spoonful of tea leaves in water until the colour changes. Add 2 teaspoons of it into the bowl.
o Add 2 teaspoons of sugar.
o Add 1 teaspoon of cream, and mix well.
o Rinse off after 10 minutes.

4. Almond Mask
This mask is used for dry skin to help avoid acne and skin dehydration.

o Crush a cup of almonds till it turns into powder.
o Mix the almonds with 1/2 a cup of honey and 1 teaspoon of water.
o Add 1 teaspoon of sugar and 1 teaspoon of milk.
o Apply gently on entire face in a circular motion, and then wash it off after 10 minutes.

5. Milk and Honey Mask
This mask moisturizes and purifies the face. It contains calcium, vitamin C, and protein.

o Mix 2 teaspoons of milk with 1 teaspoon of honey.
o Add 1 teaspoon of gram flour and mix them well.
o Leave it for 20 minutes until the pack dries then wash off gently.

6. Tomato Mask
This tomato scrub lightens the skin and helps in fighting wrinkles, creating a healthy glow.

o Paste a small tomato, then add 1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice.
o Mix them well then apply for 15 minutes.
o Rinse off with warm water.

7. Orange Mask
This mask is rich in vitamin C and citric acid, which results in hydrated, acne free skin.

o Put 2 teaspoons of orange peel powder.
o Add 1 teaspoon of oatmeal.
o Then add 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
o Apply in circular motion and leave for 15 minutes.

8. Banana Scrub
This scrub lightens dark spots on the face and rids it of pimples. It kills the bacteria and leaves a perfect shine.

o Crush 1 ripe banana.
o Add 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.
o Leave it for 10-15 minutes then rinse off with warm water.







Posted by Omnia Zaied

It’s the time of the year when we have to pretend we love our mums. Just kidding we love our mums all the time. We never argue with them we never disagree on anything. Every night we braid each other’s hair, watch Amr Adeeb then we cuddle and go to sleep. Fun. Okay we don’t braid each other’s hair but we do watch Amr Adeeb. What I’m trying to say is that we appreciate our mums a lot. They got us to where we are today. They helped us grow to the amazing people we turned out to be. The choices they made, made our lives much better. I mean the good men they married to guarantee we have good fathers. The handbags they bought so we can have a nice vintage collection to borrow and flaunt. Oh we love them. We love the mums too.

As a token of appreciation, the eniGma girls wrote messages to their mums.

Lydia Hanna:

Dear Mom,

I know that I have always been a burden on you and always make you worry about me because of my recklessness. But I want to thank you for bearing with me and for everything you did and still do for me.

Nadine Ayman:

Dear Mother,

My best friend, my guide; no words can express how grateful I am to have you. You are more than my idol, I love you dearly and hope you have a great Mother’s Day!

Dalia El Abd:

Mummy, remember when I got you the “Mother of the Year” trophy? I really meant it. You’re my backbone and my idol. I love you mumma! Oh and happy Mother’s Day of course.

Radwa El Ziki:

You are my best friend, sister, and role model. I hope I become half the mother you are.

Love you mummy.

Dina El Sherbiny:

To the superwoman who made me the person I am, I wouldn’t be here without you and I’m honoured to be your daughter. You are the shiny pearl that lights up the depths of the ocean, you are my biggest influence, and you taught me how to be a stronger woman. I hope one day I’ll be half the mother to my kids as you were to me. I love you, mummy dearest

Dina Bahgat:

Dear Mum,

I want to take this time to write you a love letter. But how do I begin? You have always been a wonderful mother to me. I am so fortunate to have you as my mother. I love you immensely. I just want to thank you for all the things you have done for me and all the sacrifices you made. The smile and tears on your face when I’ve achieved something provides me make my heart swell more than you can imagine. There is no other person that will shape my heart the way you’ve done. My entire life is not enough time for me to repay you. I have my whole future ahead of me and you are the woman that has guided me towards the proper path.
How can one simple day possibly cover all the love and appreciation I have for the woman who has given me so much? No other person deserves a more wonderful Mother’s Day than you MUM. I LOVE YOU!

Yasmin Reda:

Dear Mummy,

Thank you for making me sandwiches every day for as back as I remember. Thank you for sitting in my room every morning and talking to me while I get dressed (which usually makes me late). Thank you for always getting me things you know I’ll like and for making me feel that retail therapy and maxing out my credit card is completely acceptable. For telling me that I’m getting fat (I need to hear it sometimes) and then getting me more chocolates a few minutes later. For not having wrinkles which makes me feel like maybe I won’t have any either. But most of all, thank you for being the strongest woman I know and for always having my back. For always putting my happiness first and for making me always want to be a better person. For being my best friend and the only person I can always trust. Thank you for being my mum.

Love you always,


Hend Safie El Din:

It’s no surprise that everyone thinks his mother is #thebestmumever  #special #beautiful #caring. My mom is exceptional; “soghayar laken gabar”.  Because of her I learned how to be independent, grateful, and giving. She will forever be my safe haven, my first, and forever friend.

Yosra Adly:

Hey mum I’m not going start my message by saying all the usual things that I used to write in my composition exams, such as ‘you carried me for 9 months’, you stood beside me when I was sick’ and stuff like that. But I’ll just tell you one thing, you’re the best friend I’ve ever had in my life, you put so much effort in raising me and as I grew up I realised that the morals and principles you used to guide me are all correct. I know that you are going through a hard time, but don’t worry I’ll stay beside you the same way you were always beside me.

Perihan Kharma:

Ma, this blog is for Mother’s Day but no one knows it’s your birthday too. I always thought that wishing you a happy birthday would mean more to you than wishing you a happy Mother’s Day as your birthday meant more to me; but now I realise that I’ve been making a mistake for the past 29 years. Now, since I got Pearl, I understand, and I would love to wish you the happiest Mother’s Day ever. Love you mum.

As for me I would like to say first of all, gotya! You’re finally reading something I wrote! And I am only able to write this because of you. I always wanted to make you happy and proud and that’s what got me to where I am today, and it’s what keeps me going. Thank you and you can consider this your Mother’s Day gift. Love Omnia


Change and Chocolate


By: Dalia El Abd

Change, it’s my biggest fear. I don’t know about you, but I find it excruciatingly terrifying to get out of my comfort zone and discover new and unconventional things. I’m always excited about the idea of “trying new things” and “being adventurous” but when it comes down to it, I’m a coward. I run. I escape any kind of commitment to change. I’m a sucker for comfort. Let me take you down my simplest experience with giving into change and accepting that new and different isn’t always bad.

One of my favourite questions to be asked was always, “What kind of chocolate do you like best: milk, dark, or white?” as if these were the only variety of chocolates on the planet. Of course assuming that my ultimate favourite was limited to these three choices, my answer would always be, “the whiter the better.” Well, little did I know…

We are simply blinded by our own routines. “How many different types of foods are there to eat? Places to visit? Books to read? Drinks to try and taste? The list is endless, really,” my friend once told me. And he was absolutely right. I got in my car and headed to the nearest supermarket, because let’s face it… Who wouldn’t want to take food as an adventure?

And of course, since chocolate is the most glorious food in the world, I headed towards the confectionary section. There I stood, in front of a massive shelf full of different flavours and brands. Wow. I’d never really paid attention to the endless choices of products of something as simple as… chocolate. I had to narrow down my options, so I remembered when my best friend suggested I try the strawberry yoghurt chocolate flavour and how my reaction was a total meltdown. “I would never put something so disgusting in my mouth. Who eats chocolate with a fruit flavour?? Eww.” It was as if she had suggested I try dog poop or something. And because I’m a girl in my twenties, my response had to be as dramatic as possible. I refused to try out something that’s not hazelnut or caramel. I was so stuck in my own bubble that trying something as simple as a new chocolate flavour sounded reckless to me.

Anyway, back to the scene at the store. I decided to pick out the Milka strawberry yoghurt. And being the extremely picky person I am, it took me a few seconds to actually put the piece in my mouth. Eventually, I did. I let the chocolate sink in my taste buds and waited as it melted down and exposed the yoghurt. My God, I was stupid to be missing out on such an exotic taste. So what’s my new favourite type of chocolate? Strawberry milk. Yes, change can be good sometimes, even if it is with something as simple as chocolate.







7 Essential Spring/Summer Fashion Trends

By: Dalia El Abd

1. Full Skirts

The voluminous full skirt silhouette is officially back and it’s here to stay. This feminine skirt will enhance a woman’s fabulous figure and it can be worn day or night.

     dd2d3a336217fe7d_full-skirt-1.preview Full-Skirt-Top-Choices

2. Holographics

This is a go big or go home kind of outfit. Look absolutely stunning in a holographic dress or skirt at any glamorous event, or dress up a simple outfit with a shimmering clutch or vibrant shoes. If worn right, it could truly be an inspiration for the summer.

hologram1-copy-e1365560832774 tumblr_mwtxm1qt8E1r321bro1_500

3. Luxe Sweatshirts

This street-style piece is definitely on the top of our shopping list this spring. You can choose to dress it up or wear it simply on a casual day and still look effortlessly gorgeous. This spring, the slouchy sweatshirt look is on-trend with brighter colours and patterns.

streetstyle.sweatshirts-625x541 (1) luxe-sweatshirt-trend-spring-2014-jerome-lamaar-chirstopher-kane-3

4. Florals

Forals have and will always be a fashion statement. You can wear a floral dress, blazer, shirt, or skirt and look as stunning as ever. Who doesn’t love florals in the summer?

tumblr_m8nk2blLJz1rbicmeo1_500 tumblr_ly2bf9eyaP1r8yi1zo1_500

5. Pastel Colors

Sometimes a girl just needs to get in touch with her sweet, girly side and there’s no shame in that. Pretty pastels are always easy on the eyes, especially when they are accessorized right. Mint green, blush pink, lavender, and soft blue are all colours of the season.



6. Geometric Patterns

The subject we hated so much in school has returned to give us a change of heart! Forget your math homework; now you get to rock geometric shapes in your everyday outfits. From grids and triangles to circles and squares, this new trend isn’t going anywhere for the next few months.

Untitled-1_2377114a Spring-Summer-2013-Collections-Geometric-Patterns

7. Black & White

Strip away the flashy and stick to the classic black and white combination. The sharp contrast is eye-catching and complements any silhouette. You can effortlessly look sharp and fierce in a monochrome outfit.

In The Spotlight: Black & White tumblr_lz9p6qYVtS1r0dhavo1_500


27 GOING ON 30

Posted by Omnia Zaied

This morning, I woke up to an article about the things you have to learn before turning 30. Being 27, this freaked me out a little. Had I missed my chance? Is it too late for me to learn? Am I going to die? A minute later, my eyes were wide open and I was sitting up in bed staring at my phone. I started reading then I realised that the article was talking about spiritual stuff and that it was too early in the morning for that and I hadn’t had my coffee yet so I decided to check Instagram instead.

But the idea of ‘waiting for 30’ really got me thinking. I mean I am a few kilos overweight, I can’t read small fonts anymore, I don’t move as smoothly, but I never really considered 30 to be a finish line that required a particular set of steps before crossing. Yes you gotta at least have a college degree by then, or any sort of degree, but that’s pretty much it. Anyway I am digressing, what I started thinking about was the things I think I have to know or do before turning 30. Thinking about this turned out to be way more stressful than I expected. I mean I only have less than three years left. So I decided to make a list of the things I need to experience before I turn 30.

1- Become a vegan. It was only a couple of days ago I watched that documentary about how animals are being treated and I decided that I will no longer be a part of it. Also I would like to be healthy and all. So I decided I will be a vegan but everyone who knows me told me it’s impossible because it is very hard to be vegan in Egypt. And then I believed them because they do know me. So I decided to take it one step at a time and I decided to become a vegetarian first. Then again those who know me told me I wouldn’t be able to do that either because I love my proteins. So I decided to eat only seafood which my good friend and colleague Lina Ashour told me has a name. So now I am a pescatarian. I am still learning how to pronounce it but you get the idea. Anyway so by 30 I would like to become 100% vegan.

 2- This takes me to my next point. If I am to become a vegan I will inevitably have to leave the country. Think about it, what options do we have here really? I will totally starve. Or I will have to live on potatoes, which is going to make me fatter than I already am and that just ruins the whole thing. So by the age of 30, I would like to be living somewhere else. Somewhere nice where they have a lot of vegan food options. Somewhere where I can have fun, enjoy a good quality of life, and be able to shop properly. Dubai? Well it’s close to home and the shopping there is great. The States? Well it’s far from home – which makes it even better – they have all the food options in the world and it’s a fun place to live. Europe? I love Europe. So nice and peaceful and chilled out. I can get a bike and go places and eat and hangout with highbrow, interesting people. I will have to learn how to ride a bike first though because I discovered that my years of driving and layers of fat made me a bit rusty. Long story short, I have to decide on a place to live and actually move there before I am 30.

3- Start saving. I have been working for about six years now and I am actually more broke than when I used to be in college. I mean back then I had an allowance and whenever I ran out of money, I could always just emotionally blackmail my mother. Now it’s much more complicated; I have bills, okay, one bill (my phone bill), but it could count as more than one bill because the number is always insanely high. You get it. So I have to pay for that and then going out costs a lot of money. What’s with that anyway? I mean I have to go out because when you have a fulltime job that’s what you do to blow off steam and stuff. So between shopping in the five shops we have here, going out a few nights a week and getting coffee at work, there goes my paycheck. So somehow I need to figure out how to stop spending in the coming two and half years. Is vegan food cheap?

4. The random things. There are a lot of random things I would like to do as well. Things along the line of:

-          Flying first class anywhere, business class is just not good enough these days.

-          Saving a life.

-          Taking an entire month off of work.

-          Dating Robin Thicke.

-          Skydiving.

-          Attending some awards show live, The Emmys or The Oscars preferably.

-          Attending a concert for Beyoncé with VIP tickets.

-          Meeting Ellen DeGeneres and making her laugh with one of my jokes.

-          Getting lost in Europe for a little while then getting rescued by an Italian man.

-          Dating an Italian man.

-          Learning how to make vegan bread.

-          Learning how to surf.

I think that’s about it.

And now I feel I have to do all of them before I turn 30. Which is like crazy, I mean Robin Thicke is still married. Or did he get a divorce? I have to check that. All in all, I think I will be happy if I got to do all of these things by the time I am 30. And I am planning to stay 30 for a few years so I think I have time. My alternative scenario is that I will get a call that will change my life completely. I kid you not, I no longer put my phone on silent because I don’t want to miss that call. I really don’t know who it could possibly be from. But it will definitely be life changing. That’s why I keep dropping my business card in random places (a friend once found a couple of them in a coffee shop downtown Cairo). Not where I’d expect to get the call, but you get the idea.