Nokia 808 Pureview launch at Sequoia


Remember the first phones that had digital cameras? To be honest they were terrible, producing murky thumbnails that weren’t really good for anything. Fast forward ten years though and there’s been a quantum leap in technology, with Nokia continuing to lift the bar for digital imaging in smartphone technology. Their latest device, the Nokia 808 PureView is turning heads with the incredible images it effortlessly captures.

The folks at Nokia held a product launch at Sequoia in Zamalek last night for the PureView – which will be available in Egypt starting next month. With the PureView, you’ll have a smartphone that takes pictures to match those point-and-shoots  currently on the market. So it’s a smartphone with camera capabilities. Or rather, it’s a camera with smartphone capabilities… at any rate, it takes fantastic photos. At the event an exhibit of large canvas prints taken with the PureView showcased just how impressive the device’s capabilities really are.

What makes the PureView remarkable is an enormous 41 megapixel sensor coupled with Carl Zeiss optics. These features have resolved the issue of how to provide a workable zoom in a mobile device without losing image quality. By making the sensor huge you can just crop away the unwanted part of a huge image. When you’re not zooming, all that sensor space isn’t redundant either; the extra pixels are condensed together to eliminate noise in images. This means that the PureView has far superior low-light performance than other smartphone cameras.

There are plenty of other features too that you wouldn’t expect from a smartphone.  From taking it out of your pocket to snapping a shot, the PureView is always ready to go, just hit the shutter release and within a second you’ve captured an image. The phone also takes full HD 1080p video with excellent quality sound recording.

Nokia was the first company to produce a phone with a built-in camera and with the PureView it shows signs of retaking some of the initiative lost to Apple and Android over the past few years. Incredibly, Nokia spent five years developing the PureView; a lifetime in a market where new models are constantly released and updated.

The phone is a little heavier and bulkier than comparable smartphones but still much smaller than most compact-zoom cameras. Technogeeks might nitpick at the resolution of the screen (lower than many of its competitors), or Nokia’s choice to use the Symbian operating system, but for anyone who loves taking pictures, the PureView will be an exciting product indeed.

To modify a well-worn cliché, the best camera is the one you have with you and has a smartphone attached.


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